Teacher in the classroomThrough grassroots programs and curriculum enhancement, The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative can influence the preparation of young students for informed and active citizenship.  Our programs seek to mold leaders who can run our country effectively and respectfully in accordance with civic virtue.

The civics discussion club serves myriad purposes.  First, American students can improve their ability to logically assess a problem in terms of civic virtue and debate their contentions respectfully.  If we can raise enough leaders with these sets of skills, hopefully we can curb the political strife that extremism has caused in America.  Second, sections of the club will be catered specifically to sons and daughters of military families.  It is imperative that we give back to the children of military families, the men and women who ensure that America has any future at all.  Finally, the students are gaining the opportunity to build their resume for college applications by engaging in a unique educational experience.