Ann Cerny is a Middle School History teacher. Ann graduated from the University of California, San Diego with Bachelors of Arts degrees in History and in Psychology, and then received her teaching credential at University of California, Davis in 1992.

In 2000, Ann earned her Masters of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from University of California, San Diego.  Her thesis, Patterns of History:  A Thematic Analysis Approach explored curricular models to enhance students’ depth of historical understanding of the broader stories in American and World History.   In 1998, she received an award for Excellence in Educational Assessment from the National Council on Measurement in Education and the Assessment Training Institute.  In 1999, Ann was among the first group of teachers to receive National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Social Studies/History.

Throughout her career, Ann has participated in a variety of curriculum development projects and leadership teams.  She was a fellow at the California History-Social Science Project at UCSD, then moving on in that organization to serve as a Senior Facilitator and Coach from 1996-2000.   She has presented her curriculum work at a variety of professional conferences, such as the World History Association’s Forum on National Standards, the California League of Middle Schools, and the California Council for the Social Studies.  She also consulted on Holt, Rinehart and Winston’s 2006 Middle School textbook program.